We feel our designs,
You wear our feelings.


Brand concept

Driven by both professional and personal accomplishment, women's lives are more than ever hectic and challenging.
In this context, style is of particular importance. Source of pleasure and energy, it is also and above all a unique mode of expression, at once intimate and universal.
A signature that represent and matches us, a unique and inimitable statement of who we are and what we are aiming at.
Style is first of all a return to "myself" in order to better reach out to others, a call to originality and uniqueness, more than ever necessary to identify oneself. A call to which we respond with the same energy through models equally as original, unique and vibrant as these women are.
Models designed and crafted not as mere fashion accessories but really as full life partners. Luxurious and functional pieces in limited-series, handmade from the most precious and exclusive materials; unique and inimitable by the quality of design and know-how required for their manufacture.
Exclusive creations embodying these "self-made women" who inspire us so much, designed to express their strength, softness and determination with style and elegance. A tribute we transcribe up into the names of our lines, giving them a personality we wish close to those of these everyday heroines that inspire us so much.

High quality activities

Our strong commitment to quality is one of our main characteristics and is central in all our activities, from design and manufacture to maintenance.
Thorough selection of the most precious materials (crocodile, python, calf leather and hair, Swarovski crystals...) and meticulous care in manufacture, mostly handmade, guarantee this uncompromising luxury that defines us and made our success over the years.
Proud of our expertise and confident about it, we enclose a warranty with each bag, pouch or wallet and make sure to offer the best maintenance service to our customers.
A high quality service designed to answer all needs and expectations for an even longer service life.
Discover more about our expertise and skills in the video below.

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